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Name Your Top 5 Hair Products/Supplies

25 May

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at www.uneautrenaturelle.com.  Thank you!

I just read this post written by sassncurlz.  The goal is to list your top 5 hair products / hair supplies; basically the ones you can’t live with out.  The tough part is just keeping it to 5 items!  Here’s my list:

1.  Hair Milk – I am currently using Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk, but I have also tried Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk.

2.  Jumbo Rake Comb – basically a wide tooth comb…it’s on sale at Sally’s right now!

3.  Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner

4.  Satin Hair Scarf

5.  Renpure Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor – there are mixed reviews on this product, but for me it has been working wonderfully!

So, I feel good, I was able to complete a list with only five products!  Can you?  What are your top 5 products?

Meeting Karen!

1 Mar

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at www.uneautrenaturelle.com.  Thank you!

I recently had a great conversation with Karen….that is Karen of Karen Body Beautiful.  I have been reading blog after blog about many different products and KBB kept coming up.  At first I had no idea what KBB stood for, but after yesterday I will never forget. 

Upon entering the store, my first impression was simply….WOW!  The store is right in the heart of Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Brooklyn….my once upon a time home town.  I was most disappointed in knowing that I once lived in the area but never stopped by for a visit.  The store is beautifully manicured and welcoming.  Karen and her family (met her husband and beautiful daughter) are extremely customer service oriented.  I felt right at home when explaining my “natural” situation to her. 

Let me explain, I have been natural for over five years….4.5 of those years was with locs.  I maintained my locs on my own with an occasional visit to the natural hair salon – De Lux.  All I ever put in my hair was handmade soap and water.  About 2 weeks ago I finished combing my locs out! Yes…they were combed out (this is a story for another blog post).  The thing is, for the past two weeks I have had no real idea about what to do with my hair.  It’s almost a culture shock to actually comb through my hair.

So I did what I read on the blogs – washed, conditioned, and deep conditioned my hair….the real question for me was: “What’s next?”  I knew that I only wanted to use the most natural of products in my hair.  I do not want to put products in my hair that I can’t pronounce – and this is how I ended up in Karen Body Beautiful on a gorgeous winter day – February 27, 2010.

After a wonderful conversation and Karen convincing me that I should memorialize my locs via blog, I purchased the following products:

  1. Karen Body Beautiful Hair Milk
  2. Karen Body Beautiful Hair Butter
  3. Luscious Locks Moisturizing Hair Mask

So, long story short, one hand was leaving the store with a bag of goodies, while the mind was working on creating a blog…..

Can’t wait to try the products!  ‘til then, thanks Karen!