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Failed Attempt

4 Mar

It seems to me that one of the most popular hair styles for the natural girl is the twist out.  I did all this great research to ensure I was going to come out with the perfect first twist out.  Here is my story (in other words:  the basic steps I took):

  1. Co-washed with Suave Natural Tropical Coconut
  2. Lightly towel dried my hair
  3. Applied Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk
  4. Applied some unrefined shea butter mixed with olive oil
  5. Twisted my hair in double strand twists (approximately 20 twists)
  6. Let air dry

Come on, how easy was this?????  The next morning I unraveled my twist “neatly”. My hair was extremely soft to the touch and so well moisturized (I LOVE Shea Butter)…but the end result was a really flat, thin looking twist out!

I don’t get it, I followed all the directions that every super natural hair blogger and YouTube superstar tells you to do…..


Lesson Learned:

Everyone’s hair is different.  Just because I am natural does not mean I can do with my hair what I do with my daughter’s or what other natural’s do with theirs.


Found out what I do differently the second time around. ‘ Til then…happy living au naturel.