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3 Jan

I noticed that I still get alot of traffic on this site.  Please note, that I no longer update this blog. The new updated version can be found at – please visit me there.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Thanks for reading!

Re-Launch On the Way!

17 Oct

Hello Readers:

I am really excited to announce that on November 1st , 2010 there will be a re-launch of this blog.  The new location for Une Autre Naturelle will be .  Feel free to stop between now and then – sign up for RSS feeds, become a Facebook Fan, follow me on Twitter, or even become a google friend and read new posts via google reader!

Some things to look forward to on the new site are:

  1. A great new look and feel
  2. Weekly Monday Post
  3. Around the Way on Naturelle Lane – pictures of adults with natural hair (please submit pictures via email – )
  4. Little Naturelles – pictures of children with natural hair (please submit pictures via email – )
  5. Monthly “Featured” Post

Lastly, what fun would a blog be without the occasional giveaway!  If you are interested in being featured, want to show off a great natural style, or have a great picture of your natural child, feel free to share pictures or contact me via email at .

The Artist Behind Ebony Beauty – Kira

29 Apr


I came across some beautiful artwork recently and just had to reach out to the artist.  The artist is Shakira Rivers.  She’s an amazing artist and a naturalista at that!  I have posted two of my favorite prints, but please take some time to learn about Shakira Rivers and her art.   

The Artist

Shakira Rivers is known to friends and family as Kira.  This young artist was born and raised in Gainesville,Florida.  She’s 23 years old and has been creating art all her life.  She’s a self taught artist but is always learning new things from other artists. Kira gets ideas for her work from all around. Some of her recent work has been inspired by her natural hair journey and the natural hair styles she has seen. Kira has been natural for 1 year and locked for 7 months. This is evident in much of her work; for example: “Ebony Beauty”, The “Loc’d Beauty” series, and a t-shirt design of “Afro”.  

Her Work

Kira’s work is made with soft pastels,acrylic, oil paints,charcol, and digital mediums like photoshop. Since she enjoys experimenting it enables her to create all kinds of art. She likes to paint landscapes, fictional  and real portraits, abstracts, and t-shirt designs.  She loves creating art that can help people escape from the real world and just make people feel good.  

Where to find the Beauty

With out further ado, please stop by and view her artwork at Redbubble, ImagedKind, and Zazzle.

She’s even on Facebook

If you’re a Facebook Fanatic like me, become a fan at: Kiraj aka Shakira Rivers
So now that you have seen some of her work, be sure to check out her great T-shirt Designs, cards, and amazing prints! 

Hair Inspiration: The Marinho Sisters

21 Apr

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!

Last night I stumbled upon this great PBS video discussing the racism in Brazilian Media.  Because of this, I feel even more obligated to choose the Marinho sisters for this week’s hair inspiration. Two beautiful Brazilian models..look at their gorgeous Afros!

This is Moara Marinho


Here is sister, Dara Marinho

The Badu Controversy

31 Mar

They who play it safe are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups. Less guilt to swallow. They are us. This is what we have become. Afraid to respect an individual. A single person or event or circumstance can move one to change, to love ourself, to evolve.

These are the last lines in Erykah Badu’s new hit song “Window Seat”.  These line represents the importance of maintaining one’s individuality and what it is we sacrifice for our own individuality.  I guess that’s why Erykah Badu chose to film this video at the Kennedy Assassination Site.  So now, not only has she expressed her individuality through this video, she has also caused a great controversy around her latest video – why?  Because she took her clothes off in front of people who had no clue….yes she took all her clothes off through the streets of Dallas.  But whats the real issue – she does this without a permit in front of children.  Before I go on, let me state – I LOVE ERYKAH!, but if she took her clothes off in front of my kids, I don’t think I would be cool with that.

In-spite of all this controversy, her album is making it big.  She is all over the internet; as a matter of fact, the top rated google search.  But due to the nudity and copy right infringements, this video has become a “hard find” on the internet. It’s even been removed on YouTube!  But what would this post be, if I couldn’t find the video somewhere on the net and share it, so sit back and enjoy…

Erykah Badu – Window Seat (Official Video) She Gets Butt Naked In The Video!

Update: you can also see her newest video directly on her website:

Great Giveaway – Princess and the Frog

25 Mar

By now many of you have seen the Disney movie –  “The Princess and the Frog” – right?  If not please go out there and watch it with your daughter, niece, mom, or grandmother.  Also please support this new princess by purchasing the movie.  Let’s be real, how often do our little one’s see someone who looks just like them on the front cover of a Disney CD or DVD movie!  But, if you still don’t want to go out there and buy the movie – there is a great giveaway offer by none other than Disney Family Fun Magazine.  Please find the details below:

Twenty Reasons to Be Hoppy!

Now you can bring Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, swingin’ alligator Louis, and lovelorn firefly Ray to your bayou.  The Princess and the Frog Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack is in stores March 16, and we have 20 copies to give away.  For a chance to win, send an e-mail by April 30, 2010, with your name, address, birth date (entrants must be age 13 or older), and phone number to, with “The Princess and the Frog” in the subject line.  One entry per household, please.

If you are questioning the parent/child experience of this movie, check out this post:    The Princess and the Frog: No Complaints Here

If you have no idea what The Princess and the Frog is about, click this link to the official trailer.

Failed Attempt

4 Mar

It seems to me that one of the most popular hair styles for the natural girl is the twist out.  I did all this great research to ensure I was going to come out with the perfect first twist out.  Here is my story (in other words:  the basic steps I took):

  1. Co-washed with Suave Natural Tropical Coconut
  2. Lightly towel dried my hair
  3. Applied Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk
  4. Applied some unrefined shea butter mixed with olive oil
  5. Twisted my hair in double strand twists (approximately 20 twists)
  6. Let air dry

Come on, how easy was this?????  The next morning I unraveled my twist “neatly”. My hair was extremely soft to the touch and so well moisturized (I LOVE Shea Butter)…but the end result was a really flat, thin looking twist out!

I don’t get it, I followed all the directions that every super natural hair blogger and YouTube superstar tells you to do…..


Lesson Learned:

Everyone’s hair is different.  Just because I am natural does not mean I can do with my hair what I do with my daughter’s or what other natural’s do with theirs.


Found out what I do differently the second time around. ‘ Til then…happy living au naturel.

Curls gone wild!

27 Feb

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!

Yesterday I washed, conditioned, deep conditioned, and let go!  The curls went wild….last month…I would have said my locs went wild.  Join me as I document  my hair journey …..