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Hair Inspiration – Nneka Egbuna

26 May

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!

Today’s hair inspiration is Nigerian born singer Nneka Egbuna.  She is not only beautiful, but has a great set of vocals.  In early 2010 she performed live on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Please check her pictures out below, and her official website here.


Had to include one of her songs….Heartbeat..

Hair Inspiration – Gelila Bekele

12 May

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!

Stumbled upon this beautiful Ethiopian model…what gorgeous hair! By the way, she is signed with Ford Modeling Agency and JE Models.

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The Artist Behind Ebony Beauty – Kira

29 Apr


I came across some beautiful artwork recently and just had to reach out to the artist.  The artist is Shakira Rivers.  She’s an amazing artist and a naturalista at that!  I have posted two of my favorite prints, but please take some time to learn about Shakira Rivers and her art.   

The Artist

Shakira Rivers is known to friends and family as Kira.  This young artist was born and raised in Gainesville,Florida.  She’s 23 years old and has been creating art all her life.  She’s a self taught artist but is always learning new things from other artists. Kira gets ideas for her work from all around. Some of her recent work has been inspired by her natural hair journey and the natural hair styles she has seen. Kira has been natural for 1 year and locked for 7 months. This is evident in much of her work; for example: “Ebony Beauty”, The “Loc’d Beauty” series, and a t-shirt design of “Afro”.  

Her Work

Kira’s work is made with soft pastels,acrylic, oil paints,charcol, and digital mediums like photoshop. Since she enjoys experimenting it enables her to create all kinds of art. She likes to paint landscapes, fictional  and real portraits, abstracts, and t-shirt designs.  She loves creating art that can help people escape from the real world and just make people feel good.  

Where to find the Beauty

With out further ado, please stop by and view her artwork at Redbubble, ImagedKind, and Zazzle.

She’s even on Facebook

If you’re a Facebook Fanatic like me, become a fan at: Kiraj aka Shakira Rivers
So now that you have seen some of her work, be sure to check out her great T-shirt Designs, cards, and amazing prints! 

Wednesday Wants – Hair Accessories

28 Apr

I’m in a blah type of mood today.  I think it’s because of the weather here, in cloud-covered-New York (I can’t wait until the weekend!).  In order to brighten up my day, and possibly yours here are two great hair accessories that I would like.  You might like them as well. 

 Both of these are from BoutiqueDeBandeaux – Check out her shop on Etsy.


Model: Emily Agy

Corporate Hair Challenge: How do you wear your do?

23 Apr

It is rumored that a natural woman has it harder at work because it is hard to have what is considered a suitable hairstyle. Is this true? How do you wear your hair to work? Email me your pictures (, I’ll post them on the website! Remember: let’s be a resource for all other natural ladies out there!  In the meantime, here’s how I’ve been wearing my hair..

BTW – The first picture is Claudia Gordon the first deaf African-American female attorney in the U.S.

Hair Inspiration – Wakeema Hollis

14 Apr

Today’s hair inspiration is Tennessee born model

Wakeema Hollis

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For more information on Wakeema Hollis, check out these sites below.

The Fashion Model Directory

New York Magazine

Loc Inspiration – Valerie June

7 Apr

On this beautiful Wednesday morning in New York City…I realized…I MISS MY LOC’s.  So I decided that  this week’s hair inspiration would be a loc’d beauty.  Her name is Valerie June.  She’s a self-taught guitar player and composer.  She’s from West Tennessee and is well know in the Memphis music world.  Please check out her pictures below and her website here.

Picture Sources: Google Images

Natural Hair Inspiration – Kaila Wilson

24 Mar

Since I have removed my locs, I have been asked….”What are your hair  plans?”…”What are you going to do with your hair – cut it, perm it?”…

Well, I can’t really answer these questions but I can say….below are pictures of one of my favorite hair inspirations.  I love her hair and would love to have my hair like this (damn the grass is always greener…LOL).  Her name is Kaila Wilson (AKA – Kai).  She is a Canadian Model, with FABULOUS Hair!

BTW – NO, I will not perm it!  Enjoy the pictures!


Sources of photos:  google, sutherland modelsChatale Nadeau , loreal fashion week