May is for Mothers

4 May

I’ve always loved May, maybe because of the weather and the flowers that bloom. Or simply because of the first noticeable onsets of Spring to Summer. I’m not really sure. But I do know that one of my most memorable times in May is Mother’s Day. Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated at various times in May all over the world? Check this site out, it will let you know all the dates : Mother’s Day Around the World. As for me, I typically celebrated during the 2nd Sunday in May for the United States and the last Sunday in May for the mother’s in Haiti. (I have my wonderful 90 year old grandmother that still lives there!)

Mothers Wanted

So why am I being all nostalgic???  Because it’s May and this month’s posts will be dedicated to mothers – all mothers!  If you have pictures of you and your mom or you and your kids, please pass them along (  I would like to post pictures of all the beautiful mom’s out there.  If you happen to be a natural chica…even better.  This will be success because of you.

Many thanks and Happy Mother’s Day!

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