3 Jan

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Re-Launch On the Way!

17 Oct

Hello Readers:

I am really excited to announce that on November 1st , 2010 there will be a re-launch of this blog.  The new location for Une Autre Naturelle will be .  Feel free to stop between now and then – sign up for RSS feeds, become a Facebook Fan, follow me on Twitter, or even become a google friend and read new posts via google reader!

Some things to look forward to on the new site are:

  1. A great new look and feel
  2. Weekly Monday Post
  3. Around the Way on Naturelle Lane – pictures of adults with natural hair (please submit pictures via email – )
  4. Little Naturelles – pictures of children with natural hair (please submit pictures via email – )
  5. Monthly “Featured” Post

Lastly, what fun would a blog be without the occasional giveaway!  If you are interested in being featured, want to show off a great natural style, or have a great picture of your natural child, feel free to share pictures or contact me via email at .

Hair Inspiration – Nneka Egbuna

26 May

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!

Today’s hair inspiration is Nigerian born singer Nneka Egbuna.  She is not only beautiful, but has a great set of vocals.  In early 2010 she performed live on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Please check her pictures out below, and her official website here.


Had to include one of her songs….Heartbeat..

Name Your Top 5 Hair Products/Supplies

25 May

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!

I just read this post written by sassncurlz.  The goal is to list your top 5 hair products / hair supplies; basically the ones you can’t live with out.  The tough part is just keeping it to 5 items!  Here’s my list:

1.  Hair Milk – I am currently using Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk, but I have also tried Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk.

2.  Jumbo Rake Comb – basically a wide tooth comb…it’s on sale at Sally’s right now!

3.  Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner

4.  Satin Hair Scarf

5.  Renpure Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor – there are mixed reviews on this product, but for me it has been working wonderfully!

So, I feel good, I was able to complete a list with only five products!  Can you?  What are your top 5 products?

Hair Inspiration – Gelila Bekele

12 May

Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!

Stumbled upon this beautiful Ethiopian model…what gorgeous hair! By the way, she is signed with Ford Modeling Agency and JE Models.

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May is for Mothers – “Caregivers”

5 May



Mother of innocence and gentle carrier of truth

I dare the heavens to define love without the mention of you

Bearing the weight of hope within her

Have not a worry in life as to the fruits of forever.

We are the servers of your glory

And the amazement of you lives on while you wait to bring life eternally.

On this and every day, I cherish you more than words can say

I, the blessed of all, will love you till my dying day.

Happy Mother’s Day

Written by: Marvyn Leblanc, CEO and Producer or

Mother’s Wanted

Don’t forget, since this month’s posts are dedicated to mothers, please send in a picture of you and your mom or you and your kids, please pass them along (  I would like to post pictures of all the beautiful mom’s out there.  If you happen to be a natural chica…even better.  This will be success because of you.


The above is a picture of  my daughter and I.  She was almost two years old – strutting her stuff in central park.  I was two years into the locin’ process (and still – my hair was not completely loc’d!)

May is for Mothers

4 May

I’ve always loved May, maybe because of the weather and the flowers that bloom. Or simply because of the first noticeable onsets of Spring to Summer. I’m not really sure. But I do know that one of my most memorable times in May is Mother’s Day. Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated at various times in May all over the world? Check this site out, it will let you know all the dates : Mother’s Day Around the World. As for me, I typically celebrated during the 2nd Sunday in May for the United States and the last Sunday in May for the mother’s in Haiti. (I have my wonderful 90 year old grandmother that still lives there!)

Mothers Wanted

So why am I being all nostalgic???  Because it’s May and this month’s posts will be dedicated to mothers – all mothers!  If you have pictures of you and your mom or you and your kids, please pass them along (  I would like to post pictures of all the beautiful mom’s out there.  If you happen to be a natural chica…even better.  This will be success because of you.

Many thanks and Happy Mother’s Day!

Product Review – Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

30 Apr

 Hello Readers:  Keep in mind that I no longer update this site, the new updated blog can be found at  Thank you!


I tried this product for the first time last week and since that moment Hello Hydration and my hair have been in love!  OK – this may be a little over the top, but here’s what I think of the product: 

Product Information: 

Herbal Essence Conditioner Hello Hydration 

12 oz bottle /$2.99 

Where I purchased:  

In store: Harmon Beauty Discount Store 300 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 

On-line:  Harmon Beauty Discount 


water, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, vanilla planifolia fruit extract, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract, glutamic acid, fragrance, bisaminopropyl dimethicone, benzyl alcohol, edta, propylene glycol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, citric acid, blue 1 

Product Details: (directly from the website) 

With a fusion of orchid & coconut milk. Let me soak it to you. I’m deliciously hydrating. Give your hair a drink. I say you can never get too much of a good thing. So say hello to a deep dousing of lush hydration with my rich formula fused with orchids & coconut milk. Drink up and replenish your hair’s much needed moisture. It’s time to be reunited with manageable, silky, smooth hair. Made in USA. 

My Experience 

So far I have used this product four times for co-washing.  Each time I find that it gives my hair that “clean, product free” feeling and leaves my hair moisturized. 

What does it look like?  

This conditioner is blue in color, just like the bottle.  It has a great coconut flower scent – please note, I love scents so this may be a little strong for some.  It has a great thick consistency.   

What does it really do?  

Once I applied this conditioner, I left it in for about three minutes before detangling my hair.  I felt that it provided a great amount of slip and was easy to detangle.   The conditioner washed out easily and my hair felt product free.  I applied hair milk and some olive oil to my hair (as usual).  The next morning my hair was shiny and soft.     

Any cons?  

This conditioner contains both alcohols and silicones.  For me, that didn’t matter much, because I plan to use this only for co-washing, and it seems my hair likes silicones.  For those of you who are that “hate silicones type” I would avoid this product. 


I really like this product as a co-washing conditioner.  I would not substitute it for my weekly deep conditioning, but for an every other day co-wash product, I love it!  If you want another option on this product, check out Journey’s of a Black Bella’s opinion as well! 

Disclaimer:  I am not a hairstylist or beautician.  I bought this product on my own, and these are my opinions.

The Artist Behind Ebony Beauty – Kira

29 Apr


I came across some beautiful artwork recently and just had to reach out to the artist.  The artist is Shakira Rivers.  She’s an amazing artist and a naturalista at that!  I have posted two of my favorite prints, but please take some time to learn about Shakira Rivers and her art.   

The Artist

Shakira Rivers is known to friends and family as Kira.  This young artist was born and raised in Gainesville,Florida.  She’s 23 years old and has been creating art all her life.  She’s a self taught artist but is always learning new things from other artists. Kira gets ideas for her work from all around. Some of her recent work has been inspired by her natural hair journey and the natural hair styles she has seen. Kira has been natural for 1 year and locked for 7 months. This is evident in much of her work; for example: “Ebony Beauty”, The “Loc’d Beauty” series, and a t-shirt design of “Afro”.  

Her Work

Kira’s work is made with soft pastels,acrylic, oil paints,charcol, and digital mediums like photoshop. Since she enjoys experimenting it enables her to create all kinds of art. She likes to paint landscapes, fictional  and real portraits, abstracts, and t-shirt designs.  She loves creating art that can help people escape from the real world and just make people feel good.  

Where to find the Beauty

With out further ado, please stop by and view her artwork at Redbubble, ImagedKind, and Zazzle.

She’s even on Facebook

If you’re a Facebook Fanatic like me, become a fan at: Kiraj aka Shakira Rivers
So now that you have seen some of her work, be sure to check out her great T-shirt Designs, cards, and amazing prints! 

Wednesday Wants – Hair Accessories

28 Apr

I’m in a blah type of mood today.  I think it’s because of the weather here, in cloud-covered-New York (I can’t wait until the weekend!).  In order to brighten up my day, and possibly yours here are two great hair accessories that I would like.  You might like them as well. 

 Both of these are from BoutiqueDeBandeaux – Check out her shop on Etsy.


Model: Emily Agy